Yost Professional Grade Woodworking Vises

For home workshops that are in need of a vise that is less demanding than the Heavy Duty Woodworking vises, Yost has a vise designed specifically for your needs. The Yost Professional series of Woodworking vises (M7WW, M9WW) is designed for home workshops. These vises are carefully crafted from 30,000 PSI gray iron for durability. But what separates Yost from other woodworking vises on the … [Read more...]

Yost Woodworking Vise Series — Heavy Duty & Precision-Machined

A staple of every woodshop is the woodworking vise.  With so many options, styles and companies from which to buy, how do you choose the vise that best suits your needs?  There are two very important aspects of a woodworking vise that the craftsman needs to consider:  (1) the quality of the machining and (2) the durability of the vise. First, the quality of the machining is important in … [Read more...]

Vises — An Introduction

Vices tend to be something that not many people are proud to talk about or admit to having. If you were to ask someone what their favorite vice was, you would probably get a funny look unless you were talking to a vise expert; like the people at Yost Vises. There is a big difference between a vise and a vice even though they sound the same. As defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary a vise is “any … [Read more...]