Yost Woodworking Vise Series — Heavy Duty & Precision-Machined

A staple of every woodshop is the woodworking vise.  With so many options, styles and companies from which to buy, how do you choose the vise that best suits your needs?  There are two very important aspects of a woodworking vise that the craftsman needs to consider:  (1) the quality of the machining and (2) the durability of the vise. First, the quality of the machining is important in … [Read more...]

Heavy Duty vs. Light Duty — A Vise Comparison!

Yost Vises offers several different styles of bench vises – with each style best-suited for its unique applications.  The Yost product line includes heavy-duty vises for more demanding applications, light-duty vises – sometimes referred to as utility vises – for less-demanding applications and medium-duty vises for everything-in-between. Here are three important characteristics that determine … [Read more...]

Choosing a Bench Vise

Bench Vises. They sound like a pretty basic tool. No need to shop around because they are all the same, right? Well…. Not exactly. You see, there are a few different features that each vise can have. Here is a list of options a vise can have: Vise Options Swivel Base or Stationary Pipe Jaws Rotating Vise Material of Construction So you see, you have a few different combinations when … [Read more...]

Vises — An Introduction

Vices tend to be something that not many people are proud to talk about or admit to having. If you were to ask someone what their favorite vice was, you would probably get a funny look unless you were talking to a vise expert; like the people at Yost Vises. There is a big difference between a vise and a vice even though they sound the same. As defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary a vise is “any … [Read more...]

Yost – Delivering High Quality Vises Since 1908!

1908. The year Yost was founded. In those days there was no such thing as a blog. People didn’t have the same interaction with companies that they do today.  I would like to invite you to start the conversation with us today. Feel free to contact us about questions you may have, topics you would like to discuss, or projects you would like for us to put on here. But, before we get too far into the … [Read more...]