Yost Professional Grade Woodworking Vises

For home workshops that are in need of a vise that is less demanding than the Heavy Duty Woodworking vises, Yost has a vise designed specifically for your needs. The Yost Professional series of Woodworking vises (M7WW, M9WW) is designed for home workshops. These vises are carefully crafted from 30,000 PSI gray iron for durability. But what separates Yost from other woodworking vises on the market?  Quite simply, we call it the Yost difference.

1.  Buttress Thread

  • The Buttress thread design exerts more pressure on the vise, making sure parts are held in place
  • Provides smooth operation of the vise

Buttress Thread Design

2.  Rapid Action Lever

  • To move the jaws open or closed quickly, simply push down on the front level and slide the vise to the desired location
  • Reduces the time it takes to open and close the vise

Rapid Action Lever

3.  Manufacturing Quality

  • Toed in jaws are designed to clamp parts more evenly under pressure
  • Rugged Cast Iron provides professional quality and durability
  • Strict quality standards are in place ensuring the durability of the vise
  • End Stop to prevent the vise from opening too far

Customer Reviews

Those three difference, coupled with Yost’s 100 year tradition of quality make these Professional Grade Woodworker vises an easy choice for upgrading your shop today. But don’t just take our word for it, our customer’s agree that it is a great product –

“The operation of the main screw is flawless, it opens and closes very smoothly. The rapid action handle is excellent for quickly opening up the vise” – Greg (online review)

“HQ product, Yost.” – B.S. (Online Review)

Where to Buy

To purchase your vise today visit one of our many trusted online retail stores:

About Ryan

Ryan is the product expert for Yost Vises. Over the past three years he has been involved in the production and design of all new and redesigned products and is currently heading the team for launch of the next lines of products offered by Yost Vises.


  1. Christina T. Jensen says:

    Great information on Woodworking vises. I needed to get something for my dad because he often do some DIY projects. Now I guess I found it! Thanks.

  2. Clif Block says:

    I purchased a woodworking vise and when I received the handle was slightly bent. I asked Pat at Yost if they could send a new handle. They went way above what I would consider accpetable and sent a whole new vise. Excellent customer service and nice vise.

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