Machined Replaceable Pipe Jaws. So What?

Yost advertises several products as having “machined replaceable pipe jaws.”  We get questions quite frequently about the significance of these more expensive pipe jaws.  There are two primary advantages of using machined replaceable pipe jaws in lieu of cast in place pipe jaws:

  • Replaceable jaws allow you to replace the jaws after they wear down from years of use
  • Machined jaws provide more clamping area

Cast in Place Pipe Jaws — An “Entry-Level” Feature

Many vises these days are shipped with cast in place pipe jaws.  The cast in place pipe jaws are typically found on entry level vises because they are easier to manufacture. Many of Yost’s entry level vises have cast in place pipe jaws. While these jaws grip pipe, they do, however, wear down over time. Once these jaws wear down, there is no way to replace them.

Machined Jaws — Better Grip & Evenly Dispersed Clamping Pressure

An important part of gripping pipes is effectively clamping the pipes in the jaws. The more clamping surface area, the better the grip of the pipe will be. Using machined jaws, the pipe is being gripped with more surface area. This provides an additional benefit. The increased surface area will reduce the potential for marring or damaging the pipe. With increased area, the clamping pressure is dispersed throughout the pipe preventing it from being crushed.


If you have any questions about pipe jaws, please give us a call at (616) 396-2063.  We will be happy to help in whatever way we can!

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Ryan is the product expert for Yost Vises. Over the past three years he has been involved in the production and design of all new and redesigned products and is currently heading the team for launch of the next lines of products offered by Yost Vises.

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