Heavy Duty Reversible Mechanic’s Vises — Experience the Yost Difference!

The latest video in Yost’s series of vises highlights the Made in USA Heavy Duty Reversible Mechanic’s Vises. The two vises set the standard for mechanics’ garages across the country. They are not only used in the SEMA Garage, but are used throughout the country for mechanics demanding the toughest vises.

The Specfications — Yost vs. Competition

Outlined below are a few of the important specifications — and differences when comparing Yost to the competition:


65,000 PSI Ductile Iron

As noted in the video, the Yost 865-DI and 880-DI are both constructed from 65,000 PSI Ductile Iron. This is over twice as strong as competitor’s vises, which are made from 30,000 PSI Iron. Additionally, the stronger material of construction of the Yost reversible mechanic’s vises enables the vise to withstand higher clamping pressures.

Uniform Clamping Pressure

The Yost Reversible Mechanic’s vises also differ from the competition because Yost machines the bar of the vise. The machining done to the Yost vises ensures smooth and uniform clamping pressure. This uniform clamping pressure protects the parts from being clamped unevenly, potentially damaging the parts. Competitors do not machine the bar of the vise, thus allowing for added slop in the operation of the vise.

Replaceable Machined Pipe Jaws

Another key difference is the use of replaceable machined pipe jaws. The differences between replaceable machined jaws and cast-in-place jaws are highlighted in the Pipe Jaw Basics blog post. In summary, machined replaceable pipe jaws are designed to grip pipes better and be replaced easily when they have worn out.


Yost’s replaceable jaws have more contact points, providing better grip.

Increased Clamping Strength

Finally, for increased clamping strength Yost has an oversized vise nut. The nut itself is 2x larger than the competition for added strength and durability. At full jaw opening, the full nut of the Yost vise is engaged with the screw. This provides better clamping pressure and less wear on the nut and the screw.

Where to Buy

The Yost Reversible Mechanic’s vises continue Yost’s commitment to excellence in manufacturing and design. To purchase your vise today visit one of Yost’s trusted online distributors:

About Ryan

Ryan is the product expert for Yost Vises. Over the past three years he has been involved in the production and design of all new and redesigned products and is currently heading the team for launch of the next lines of products offered by Yost Vises.


  1. Can you explain the difference between the 904-AS and the 934-AS vises?
    They appear to be the same vise in the pictures. Other than 934-as being listed as a “medium duty all steel vise” and the 904-as just being listed as an “all steel vise”, I don’t see any differences.

  2. Are ALL 865-DI combination vises made in the USA? I’ve seen some reviews on other sites that question whether all 865-DI vises are made here, since their vises did not say “USA” anywhere on the vise, so please explain. Thank you.

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