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Yost Professional Grade Woodworking Vises

For home workshops that are in need of a vise that is less demanding than the Heavy Duty Woodworking vises, Yost has a vise designed specifically for your needs. The Yost Professional series of Woodworking vises (M7WW, M9WW) is designed for home workshops. These vises are carefully crafted from 30,000 PSI gray iron for durability. But what separates Yost from other woodworking vises on the … [Read more...]

Heavy Duty Reversible Mechanic’s Vises — Experience the Yost Difference!

The latest video in Yost’s series of vises highlights the Made in USA Heavy Duty Reversible Mechanic’s Vises. The two vises set the standard for mechanics' garages across the country. They are not only used in the SEMA Garage, but are used throughout the country for mechanics demanding the toughest vises. The Specfications -- Yost vs. Competition Outlined below are a few of the important … [Read more...]

Machined Replaceable Pipe Jaws. So What?

Yost advertises several products as having "machined replaceable pipe jaws."  We get questions quite frequently about the significance of these more expensive pipe jaws.  There are two primary advantages of using machined replaceable pipe jaws in lieu of cast in place pipe jaws: Replaceable jaws allow you to replace the jaws after they wear down from years of use Machined jaws provide more … [Read more...]