Yost Drill Press Vise – Durable and Affordable

Drill Press ViseThe newest vises in Yost’s line of drill press vises are the DPV-3, DPV-4, and DPV-5.  Unlike our heavy-duty 3D and 6D, these three entry-level drill press vises are designed for more common household projects.  They have also been designed to be a combination of affordable and durable.

Entry Level Vises with Extra Grip and Increased Clamping Pressure

The DPV series are entry-level drill press vises from Yost Vises.  These drill press vises are unlike any others.  These vises feature an oversized main screw which generates more clamping pressure than traditional drill press vises.  These drill press vises also feature a larger throat-depth than traditional drill press vises.  This increased throat-depth provides more contact surface between the jaw and the part it is gripping.  This extra grip, coupled with the increased clamping pressure, ensures that your products will not budge.  Two V-Grooves in the stationary jaw will secure circular stock for precision drilling.

Additional Features

Drill Press Vise Series by YostThese vises also feature two lock-down tabs for mounting to your drill press (mounting hardware not included).  The large lip on the outside of the vise allows it to be secured to the work surface with T-Slot clamps as well.

Precision machined surfaces are another feature which allow the vises to open smoothly and ensures that pressure is distributed across your part evenly.  The powder coat finish protects this vise, keeping it professional for years to come.

The DPV-3, DPV-4 and DPV-5 are on sale now!

About Ryan

Ryan is the product expert for Yost Vises. Over the past three years he has been involved in the production and design of all new and redesigned products and is currently heading the team for launch of the next lines of products offered by Yost Vises.


  1. Simple and functional. Thank you!

  2. They are very reasonably priced! And they look sturdy and well built too. The design looks very good as well.

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