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Universal Jaw Covers – Designed to NOT Fall Off or Slide Around!

Rubber, Prism or Aluminum Yost recently launched its redesigned line of magnetic jaw covers.  These jaw covers come in three different styles:  Rubber, Prism, and Aluminum.   Jaw covers are designed to protect delicate work from the rough serrations of the machinist jaws. Oversized Magnet on Back for Extra Grip What differentiates the Yost series of magnetic jaw covers is the oversized magnet … [Read more...]

Caring for your Vise After the Purchase

Lately we have been posting information to help you purchase a vise.  But now that you have purchased one, how do you care for your vise? Lubricate your Vise for Optimal Performance It is actually, fairly simple to care for your vise. The most important thing you can do to care for your vise is to keep the vise well lubricated.  To keep the bar and screw opening and closing smoothly, you need to … [Read more...]