Yost 750-DI – Making the Best Rotating Vise even Better

Whether you are an industrial machinist or a home-craftsman, you want to buy products that last.  But more importantly, you want versatility out of the products that you buy.  For this purpose, Yost has spent years perfecting the Yost 750-DI, the follow up to our highly-rated and most popular vise – the Yost 750.   The Yost Model 750 received some of the highest online reviews – an average rating of 4.8 [on a 5.0 scale] from Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon and Northern Tool.  The design change wasn’t made because people were unhappy with our product.  It was made to make the best rotating vise even better.

Ductile Iron – Twice the Tensile Strength

The first thing we did with the 750-DI is cast it out of ductile iron rather than cast iron.  This gives the vise twice the tensile strength over the competition.  Not only is it made out of ductile iron, but it is 50% heavier than other rotating vises as well.  As we all know, size matters.  The durability of this vise simply cannot be matched by other rotating vises.  This strength also generates a clamping force of over 7,000 PSI compared with the traditional 3,500 PSI from other vises.  No rotating vise found at any box store or online will match the clamping force of the 750-DI.

Rotating Vise Comparison

Store Brand 5” Rotating vise on the left, Yost 750-DI 5” Rotating vise on the right.

Self-Align Pipe Jaws

The second change we made is our exclusive Self-Align Pipe Jaws.  These pipe jaws offer the largest pipe capacity of any rotating vise on the market.  Additionally, these jaws will adjust to a part to grip a pipe as securely as possible.  This has two advantages.  First, it reduces the risk of marring or damaging your parts.  This is because the jaws adjust to fit the part you are clamping, unlike cast jaws which do not adjust for parts.  The second advantage is since the jaws adjust to the part you are clamping there will be more surface area gripping the part.  This will reduce pressure points on the part, thereby reducing the potential for damage.

Self Align Pipe Jaws

Increased Jaw Capacity

The third major change was to increase the jaw opening.  We added an extra inch to the jaw capacity of this vise, allowing you to grip even larger parts.

These three changes make this vise the best rotating vise available. But those aren’t the only changes we made.  Check out our product page for more details on the 750-DI vise or check it out on Amazon, Sears or Home Depot.

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About Ryan

Ryan is the product expert for Yost Vises. Over the past three years he has been involved in the production and design of all new and redesigned products and is currently heading the team for launch of the next lines of products offered by Yost Vises.


  1. I am very interested in finding out if the joint at the movable jaw and the slide is reenforced. This seems to be the weak spot and were the last 2 vises of this design I have had broke. When clamping odd shapes off center the tube cracks and then separates from the jaw. Admittedly they were cheap imports but before I spend this much money it would be nice to know if the weak spots have been addressed.

    • Sam – the moveable jaw is one of the main items that we worked on in the updated version of the 750-DI. There are a few major differences between our vise and other vises on the market. The first is that Yost builds this vise out of ductile iron versus cast iron which is used by other companies out there. In fact, Yost is the only one to build a rotating vise out of ductile iron. The second major difference is the amount of material that is used in the moveable jaw. Yost reinforced the entire bar of the vise both on the outside (visible to you when you get it) and internally. These two changes significantly increase the durability of the moveable jaw of the vise.

  2. Brien Kautzer says:

    I know this is an import but where exactly it is made?

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