Yost 15000 Series – Heavy Duty Bar Clamps

Yost designed the 15000 Series of bar clamps for extra strength and clamping power. These bar clamps are constructed from high strength steel and use a reinforced nylon body to clamp stronger than other bar clamps on the market. Maximum Strength, Minimal Weight The design of both the front and rear jaws was made to maximize strength while minimizing weight. By making these clamps lighter, … [Read more...]

Yost Professional Grade Woodworking Vises

For home workshops that are in need of a vise that is less demanding than the Heavy Duty Woodworking vises, Yost has a vise designed specifically for your needs. The Yost Professional series of Woodworking vises (M7WW, M9WW) is designed for home workshops. These vises are carefully crafted from 30,000 PSI gray iron for durability. But what separates Yost from other woodworking vises on the … [Read more...]

Heavy Duty Reversible Mechanic’s Vises — Experience the Yost Difference!

The latest video in Yost’s series of vises highlights the Made in USA Heavy Duty Reversible Mechanic’s Vises. The two vises set the standard for mechanics' garages across the country. They are not only used in the SEMA Garage, but are used throughout the country for mechanics demanding the toughest vises. The Specfications -- Yost vs. Competition Outlined below are a few of the important … [Read more...]

Machined Replaceable Pipe Jaws. So What?

Yost advertises several products as having "machined replaceable pipe jaws."  We get questions quite frequently about the significance of these more expensive pipe jaws.  There are two primary advantages of using machined replaceable pipe jaws in lieu of cast in place pipe jaws: Replaceable jaws allow you to replace the jaws after they wear down from years of use Machined jaws provide more … [Read more...]

Yost Drill Press Vise – Durable and Affordable

The newest vises in Yost’s line of drill press vises are the DPV-3, DPV-4, and DPV-5.  Unlike our heavy-duty 3D and 6D, these three entry-level drill press vises are designed for more common household projects.  They have also been designed to be a combination of affordable and durable. Entry Level Vises with Extra Grip and Increased Clamping Pressure The DPV series are entry-level drill press … [Read more...]

Universal Jaw Covers – Designed to NOT Fall Off or Slide Around!

Rubber, Prism or Aluminum Yost recently launched its redesigned line of magnetic jaw covers.  These jaw covers come in three different styles:  Rubber, Prism, and Aluminum.   Jaw covers are designed to protect delicate work from the rough serrations of the machinist jaws. Oversized Magnet on Back for Extra Grip What differentiates the Yost series of magnetic jaw covers is the oversized magnet … [Read more...]

Caring for your Vise After the Purchase

Lately we have been posting information to help you purchase a vise.  But now that you have purchased one, how do you care for your vise? Lubricate your Vise for Optimal Performance It is actually, fairly simple to care for your vise. The most important thing you can do to care for your vise is to keep the vise well lubricated.  To keep the bar and screw opening and closing smoothly, you need to … [Read more...]

Yost 750-DI – Making the Best Rotating Vise even Better

Whether you are an industrial machinist or a home-craftsman, you want to buy products that last.  But more importantly, you want versatility out of the products that you buy.  For this purpose, Yost has spent years perfecting the Yost 750-DI, the follow up to our highly-rated and most popular vise – the Yost 750.   The Yost Model 750 received some of the highest online reviews – an average rating … [Read more...]

Apprentice Series Bench Vise for the Home Craftsman — Designed for Durability

I get phone calls virtually every day from the home craftsman inquiring about the “perfect” home bench vise.  More often than not, they will invariably complain that the last vise they purchased was a “piece of junk” and broke.  Whether or not you have had a similar experience, Yost has the right entry-level vise for the home craftsman -- the Apprentice Line of bench vises. Apprentice Vise Series … [Read more...]

Utility Vises – A Picture isn’t Always Worth a Thousand Words

For the typical home craftsman, a sturdy vise is all that is needed.  Many don’t need the robust, heavy-duty industrial vises offered in the Yost Heavy Duty Bench Vise line.  This is why Yost has spent considerable time perfecting the utility vise line.  Yost offers two lines of Utility Vises:  (1) Apprentice series -- Yost's entry-level utility vises and (2) All-Steel series -- Yost's premium … [Read more...]